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Automation & Transparency Join Forces

Wonderbox Technologies offers the Enterprise System, an industry-leading core administration solution designed to help payers of specialty benefits automate business processes, increase efficiency and improve visibility into financial operations. Enterprise System’s suite of automation tools, including custom-built/self-service provider web portals, paperless workflows and real-time dashboards, help improve business efficiency to streamline the delivery of benefits. When we couple automation with the ability for customers to increase visibility into financial operations, we arm them with the critical tools to help them win.

Built by None Other Than the End User

Wonderbox Technologies is part of a Family of Companies offering a complete spectrum of benefit management services. Because our sister companies use our software every day to power their businesses, we know first-hand how technology must be designed to improve the administration of benefits. Many of our customers say they choose us because we ‘eat our own dog food.’ Since we use our own software every day, we are able to more effectively troubleshoot issues and proactively implement software improvements – all with the aim of delivering value to our customers and helping them stay at the forefront of emerging technology.

Reduce the Number of Speed Bumps

As the healthcare landscape changes at warp speed, so is the way our customers are doing business. As payers eagerly look for new ways introduce new products to market faster, they need an enterprise system that offers flexibility, customization, and one that takes months, instead of years to implement. Wonderbox Technologies is a boutique software development firm focused on specialty benefits with stellar teams in place to partner, be nimble, and effectively integrate the software into client organizations – even with hundreds of integration points. Our implementation teams work with some of the largest insurers in the world to make the impossible - possible. Simply put, we help our customers get the job done.

Hear From Our Customers…

“The team at Wonderbox has delivered the very best vendor experience I’ve had in the last 30 years of doing this. They have proven to be well-endowed with integrity, personal responsibility, and human relationship skills.”

“They are fantastic to work with. I really enjoyed the time that we spent going through the process with them. They are probably just the friendliest, most eager to help, out of any software vendor I’ve ever worked with.”

“I have been very impressed with their ability to meet our needs and step away from what they developed and look to customize their platform to truly meet our needs.”

“I don’t know of anyone who has the level of experience and expertise in dental as Wonderbox”

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