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American Therapy Administrators

8c0aae78253f17df555e75379e553264.pngAmerican Therapy Administrators offers administrative expertise to commercial insurers with a focus on chiropractic services and physical, occupational, and speech therapy. We provide competent, cost-effective service from behind-the-scenes, with our presence virtually undetectable to your members.

Therapy Administration

What if you could lower your administration costs with guaranteed financial outcomes? At American Therapy Administrators, we are so confident in our successful business model that we guarantee benefit cost reductions as part of every contract.

Founded by experienced managed care executives, American Therapy Administrators has delivered cost-effective administrative services for outpatient therapy since 1998. Our proven combination of the right business model with the best technology tools gives you the lowest-cost, lowest-risk solution for occupational, physical, and speech therapy (OT/PT/ST) and chiropractic services – while improving both patient and provider satisfaction.

Our time-tested process

At American Therapy Administrators, we take advantage of our extensive experience across the healthcare spectrum to analyze each client’s unique needs, and then develop a management strategy that best meets those needs. We support the strategy with the best technology in the industry and unmatched transparency into our performance.

For each client, we:

  • Analyze client needs and areas for administrative cost savings.
  • Develop a customized solution that guarantees lower benefit costs.
  • Leverage technology to deliver administrative efficiencies. 

Proven results

A key element of our success is our innovative business model that has proven to reduce overutilization of therapy services by an average of 30%. Our approach eliminates expensive and adversarial utilization management hassles – and instead gives providers the authority and the freedom to determine for themselves the best course of care for each patient, while also encouraging them to achieve their clinical objectives efficiently. Many years of accumulated historical data clearly prove our point: our unique business model results in both successful patient outcomes in fewer visits and high rates of patient satisfaction. Markets managed by American Therapy Administrators significantly and consistently outperform other markets.

The best technology in the industry

We support our business model with the best technology in the industry. Outpatient therapy is a high-volume business with low unit costs – the efficiencies built into our Enterprise System software platform give us a tremendous low-cost advantage. Our self-service web portals keep administrative costs low for providers, as well. Everyone wins when electronic transactions replace paper claims, faxed reports, and telephone calls. Our technology also keeps you fully compliant with the latest healthcare regulations, including HIPAA 5010 transaction processing and ICD-10 diagnosis coding.

A reliable partner

We have developed close working relationships with our clients, with strong bonds of trust and loyalty. We have a reliable track record for meeting all state regulatory requirements and consistently exceed client expectations. We are a benefit administrator partner you can grow with and count on.